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TeleSys simplifies the process of identifying, evaluating, selecting and managing Technology and IT infrastructure solutions


TeleSys Communications Company is a member of the CenturyLink Channel Alliance. CenturyLink offers a comprehensive suite of communications solutions including local and long-distance voice, data, Internet, hosting, cloud and managed solutions. Through the CenturyLink Channel Alliance, TeleSys Communications Company is able to offer you everything you need to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

TeleSys Communications Company offers Centuryink’s full range of business services to meet your most demanding requirements. Whether your business need is local or global, CenturyLink and TeleSys Communications Company can satisfy your complex telecom requirements, while providing award-winning support.

To remain on top of the latest product offerings and technical enhancements, TeleSys Communications Company has access to CenturyLink customer promotions and product information, as well as pre- and post-sales technical support. We are committed to working together, combining CenturyLink's industry-leading services with our unique consultative approach, to analyze your needs and create a cost-effective, powerful solution for your company

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