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CenturyLink Cloud Contact Center

Your customers demand more-and more efficient-service, but you need to reduce operating costs.

Today’s contact centers are no longer single, monolithic locations where your agents wait idly for calls to come in. For your business to be successful, your contact center must be more dynamic and decentralized, with capabilities to help you manage increasing customer entry points, route individual calls to the most appropriate agents for one-call resolution, and control ballooning system complexity.

If you’re like most of our customers, you look for one thing from your contact centers: deliver a great customer experience at an operationally efficient cost. Cloud Contact Center Solutions from CenturyLink® can help you achieve that goal.


  • Reduced costs with improved call routing for one-call resolutions
  • Faster and more efficient scaling with self-service system management
  • Shorter term commitments and pay-as- you-go pricing
  • Freedom from supporting obsolete or end-of-life systems and equipment
  • Highly scalable environments
  • Highly available service on geographically redundant platforms
  • Product innovation at no additional costs

A Smarter Approach to Contact Handling Infrastructure

Each of our customers face unique business challenges in developing the contact strategy that is right for them. But it always comes back to intelligently aligning operational support processes with the right contact-handling infrastructure, otherwise you risk overspending for unnecessary capacity or missing critical contact opportunities. But what if you could…

  • …avoid overcompensating for peak demands and pay for only what you need and use with scalable, cloud-based solutions?
  • …use call data to predict patterns, spikes, and caller preferences?
  • …dramatically improve service levels and response rates by delivering key agentassist capabilities like automatic call distribution, skills-based routing, or computertelephone integration?

With CenturyLink, you can.

CenturyLink’s Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Cloud Contact Center Solutions from CenturyLink are a set of powerful tools that can help you provide exceptional customer service without the big price tag. You can also rely on cloud- and network-based solutions that provide flexibility, scalability, and low total cost of ownership (TCO). Our solutions offer a robust feature-functionality set that can help drive your call center productivity higher at significantly lower costs than more traditional solutions. With Cloud Contact Center Solutions you can take full advantage of the following:

  • AUTOMATIC CALL DISTRIBUTOR (ACD): Interaction Routing. This is a network-based cloud contact center solution with inbound ACD routing, outbound dialing, and Web-contact transaction routing.
  • HOSTED IVR: We can help you develop creative, custom applications to meet your unique business needs with multiple self-help options and integration with your back-end systems and databases.
  • EZ ROUTE: This network-based menu routing with self-help, an IVR application, menu/database routing, and real-time reporting is offered on a pay-as-you-go model.
  • OUTBOUND NOTIFICATIONS: Notify. Reduce routine call demands with multimedia content to a variety of devices, detailed reporting, and pay-as-you-go model. Notify also allows you to create, send, and manage documents and messages online.
  • CENTURYLINK NETWORK: We provide continuous, proactive network monitoring and real-time notification backed by comprehensive SLAs. Our architecture offers any-to-any connectivity over an OC-192 IP backbone network that supports 40 Gbps throughput.

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