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CenturyLink IP Voice

Business agility without compromise

You can’t afford ineffiecient voice over IP services Many CenturyLink customers look to VoIP services such as SIP trunking as cost-saving opportunities. These solutions can be particularly important to your business as traditional voice technology, with its functionality limitations and inflexible cost structure, begins to show its age.

Benefits of CenturyLink SIP VoIP Services

  • Combine voice and data bandwidth for simplified management and cost reduction
  • Lay the groundwork for vital unified communications and cloud applications integration into your voice network
  • Monitor, control, and troubleshoot your voice and data network as never before with CenturyLink Control Center
  • Make the most of new technologies and drive inefficiencies out of your old voice system

CenturyLink Voice over IP Solutions

Integrated Access
Take advantage of business-grade VoIP service and robust data service over reliable DS1 or 2xDS1 connections.

IP Long Distance and Toll-Free Services
Combine the cost effectiveness of voice over IP (VoIP) with the traditional accessibility of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Managed VoIP
Consolidate voice (local and long distance), Internet and data onto a powerful, managed platform.

SIP Trunk
Consolidate voice (local and long distance), Internet and data onto a powerful, managed platform.

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  • Video Case Study- Denver Air CenterDenver Air Center, a fixed-based operator, caters to the airline industry by taking care of private charter and corporate aircrafts, pilots, and passengers. Qwest recommended VoIP using a dual T1 bundle to resolve the strain on broadband and provide network security between tenants and corporate owners. The increased bandwidth allows pilots to complete flight planning online so Denver Air can track flights with ease.

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