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Colocation Services

Global Interconnectivity For Your IT Infrastructure.

Is your outdated phone system keeping up with the high productivity demands of today’s mobile workforce? Don’t settle for analog in a digital world. CenturyLink® Hosted VoIP lets you communicate faster and in more places. Our advanced phone system keeps your workforce more accessible, more efficient, and more productive than ever.

An Affordable, Hosted Solution

CenturyLink provides comprehensive colocation solutions that enable you to deliver the high level of business efficiency you require, while reducing your costs and increasing your opportunity to achieve business growth.

Our data center footprint extends around the world, enabling CenturyLink to effectively deliver our services in the markets where you do business, whether your organization is opening a new office in London or collaborating with a new partner in Tokyo.

We are an innovative global service provider with quality colocation services, network diversity, security expertise, and outstanding customer support.

Our deep rooted core competencies enable you to take advantage of tools that enable your speed to market and drive key business efficiencies through CenturyLink’s Gold Support and Managed Services:

  • Employees worldwide with extensive expertise in technical operations, customer support, engineering, and consulting
  • More than 57 global data center locations in North America, Europe, and Asia, and over 2 million square feet of space.
  • CenturyLink locations with geographic diversity for redundancy, IT asset protection, and equipment failover
  • ClientConnect, our next generation portal for identifying and establishing new revenue-generating business transactions with other CenturyLink global colocation, network, managed, and cloud clients



Albuquerque, NM
Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Columbus, OH
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Las Vegas, NV
LA/Orange Co., CA
Metro NY/NJ
Minneapolis, MN
Phoenix, AZ
Seattle, WA
Silicon Valley, CA
St. Louis, MO
Tampa, FL
Washington, D.C.






Hong Kong

CenturyLink Colocation Solutions

CenturyLink’s colocation solutions are built on the following core components:

  • Multi-level physical and logical security
  • N 1 power infrastructures
  • Carrier and network diversity
  • Robust interconnectivity
  • Global MPLS-enabled data center network
  • 24/7 global customer support

Our comprehensive set of data center and network interconnectivity solutions meet the complex needs of organizations in the financial, media, government, software, retail, healthcare, and carrier industries.


Over the years, we have exceeded our clients’ expectations regarding security and data center access. CenturyLink’s data centers leverage advanced standards in data center infrastructure, including biometric readers, card scanners, and person traps as standard methods to validate legitimate access to our data center infrastructure.


CenturyLink is able to deliver a 100% uptime SLA for power due to our multiple levels of redundancy built into our data center infrastructure, helping to protect your power load during potential events. In the event of a power failure, we provide a minimum of N 1 UPS redundancy and generator backup. Static transfer switches also protect your power load during emergencies. With multiple levels of protection built into our data center infrastructure, CenturyLink provides an enterprise class power availability service level agreement for 100% availability.


By colocating your critical infrastructure at CenturyLink’s data centers, you have network interconnectivity access to our customers via the CenturyLink global backbone, one of the largest networks comprising the Internet. When using ClientConnect, our clients form new business agreements, interconnect via cross-connects, and generate incremental revenue for their companies. Engineered on our core Application Transport Network (ATN), HAN Internet access service offers you high bandwidth Internet connectivit -from 1 megabit to 10 gigabits - right in our secure data centers that were specially designed to support CenturyLink’s customers. The service includes a full complement of port interface speeds and a comprehensive service level agreement that includes 100 percent core network availability. Each of our data centers also offers connectivity to multiple network carriers, providing you with additional connectivity options that address your organization’s local and metro application requirements. Learn how CenturyLink can provide the interconnectivity to other global networks “and” CenturyLink customers you need.


All data center equipment racks are anchored to a concrete slab below the raised floor. In seismically-active regions, an additional layer of protection, earthquake bracing minimizes potential movement during seismic events. CenturyLink takes great care to meet or exceed stringent local building code requirements. In certain locations, seismic isolation equipment is employed to further cushion the potential effects of tremors.


Each of CenturyLink’s data centers offer one of the most aggressive temperature and humidity SLAs in the industry.

To ensure sustainability we utilize:

  • High-volume, zoned temperature control systems
  • Hot and cold aisle containment to most efficiently distribute
  • conditioned air in the raised floor area, enable environmental sustainability, and maximize precious power resources
  • Multiple air conditioning units to dissipate excess heat
  • N 1 HVAC units monitored through the building automation system with individual unit failure alarm triggers
  • All Data centers managed to ASHRAE Compliant Targets
    • SDC Temperature Within the allowable ASHRAE
    • recommendation of 59° F to 90° F
    • SDC Non-condensing Humidity Range Within the allowable ASHRAE recommendations

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