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Reduce Networking Costs and Increase Flexibility with Converged VPN Service Communications on CenturyLink IQ™ Networking Private Port

Today's fast-moving competitive environment makes the reliability of the virtual private network (VPN) that supports your business-critical applications essential. At the same time, you need a way to meet diverse communications needs while keeping costs as low as possible. With CenturyLink IQ™ Networking Private Port, you can meet both needs by cost-effectively combining your voice and data applications onto a single, flexible, and scalable VPN. Based on the CenturyLink OC-192 IP network, one of the most advanced networks available, the service is isolated from the public Internet to provide better security and reliability of your business VPN services. As a fully meshed VPN with any-to-any connectivity, CenturyLink IQ Networking Private Port simplifies support for a variety of access types, including IP access, Ethernet, frame relay, and ATM. Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) and flexible quality of service (QoS) let you segment and prioritize data traffic throughout your network to create the ideal high-performance environment for voice over IP (VoIP), video, and other bandwidth-intensive business applications. Competitive SLAs help ensure optimal business value and return on investment.

Private Port and VPN Services Features

  • OC-192 IP backbone network
  • Support for Layer 1 and multiple Layer 2 access types
  • Flexible QoS functionality:
    • Eight priority queues
    • 14 percentage templates
    • Four queuing methods
  • Comprehensive SLAs
  • Any-to-any connectivity
  • Flat rate, tiered and usage-sensitive billing options (Usage-based billing not available on Private Ports using Ethernet access)

Private Port and VPN Services Benefits

  • Eliminates backbone congestion with a state-of-the-art global IP backbone
  • Enables you to access advanced IP technologies using your existing frame relay and ATM technologies
  • Allows you to prioritize time-sensitive traffic such as VoIP and video streaming for robust QoS
  • Provides reliable performance with one of the industry's leading SLAs
  • Provides ideal support for multimedia applications
  • Lets you meet both bandwidth and budgetary requirements with diverse billing options and competitive rates

How CenturyLink IQ Networking Private Port Works

CenturyLink IQ Networking Private Port connects your remote locations using IP/MPLS-based technology to create an enterprise-wide network designed to carry real-time and data applications over a single customer interface. Customer care centers (CCCs) are available to support your needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. CenturyLink network operation centers (NOCs) have full visibility and control of the platform with 24-hour management and proactive notification when problems occur. To facilitate access into their network, you have the option of CenturyLink IQ Networking Private Ports with a variety of port speeds, ranging from 56Kbs to 2.4Gbps.

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