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Frequently Asked Questions

How is CenturyLink enabling this great website content resource?

CenturyLink has partnered with the content syndication service provider SharedVue to provide the regularly updated content to your site.

What is "SharedVue"?

SharedVue is a CloudMarketing company that provides content syndication and other tools to leading enterprises to empower partners to market more effectively and increase sales.

The SharedVue Web content syndication program is using the SharedVue Syndic8 platform. All marketing, promotions, and events tools utilize SharedVue's Communic8 platform.

Who can use the CenturyLink Wireless Showcase?

The CenturyLink Wireless Showcase content syndication program is available to any VAR who registers.

How much does the CenturyLink Wireless Showcase program cost?

The CenturyLink Wireless Showcase is FREE!

How long does it take to implement?

Once a partner registers, a notification will be sent to the CenturyLink Wireless Showcase team at CenturyLink and SharedVue, and your partner status with CenturyLink will be approved.

Once you are approved to participate, the implementation process is very straightforward. It typically takes only a few minutes to setup (average 10 minutes). Partners will simply copy-and-paste a piece of code onto a page of their website. The Partner Console has detailed instructions and examples as well.

Does the program work on a static HTML site (without any server-side technology available)?

Yes, there is a solution available which provides the same metrics and customization as the server-side implementations. However, this implementation relies on visitors' Web browsers, so we always encourage partners to try the server-side version implementation so the syndicated content truly is embedded within their website.

Most static HTML web hosts also have PHP available.

Does the CenturyLink Wireless Showcase work within a Content Management System (CMS)?

Yes, the SharedVue syndication code can work within the vast majority of CMS tools such as Joomla or WordPress. Some CMS tools are very restrictive and may only allow the IFRAME implementation to work, so SharedVue has built plugins. If a CMS tool will not allow any implementation, including plugins, we can assist VARs in using a popup-window to access the SharedVue content.

If my business doesn't have a website, can I still take advantage of the CenturyLink Wireless Showcase?

Yes. If you don't have a website, your website is in a state of transition, or you simply don't want to put the CenturyLink Wireless Showcase on your existing website, we can give you a URL, that we host, with your branding and the syndicated content. You can link to this URL and still get all the benefits of the CenturyLink Wireless Showcase program.

Who has access to see my reports on prospects who have visited or filled out a contact form on my website?

Only the partner organization can see data from the contact form pages. No CenturyLink employees or affiliates will be able to view who has registered from your page.

How do I get started?

Register to begin syndicating CenturyLink Wireless Showcase content. Once you submit your registration and your information has been confirmed by CenturyLink and SharedVue, you'll receive an email with login information for your Partner Console.

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