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Main Nerve Federal Services

Capabilities Statement

MainNerve Federal Services Inc. (MFSI) is a privately held Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, focused on providing GWOT and warfighter support services to the military and the interagency community in both combat and/or support areas of operations.

MFSI also provides unique, proprietary IT/cyber-security products and services to the federal government, at network enterprise level and at the network edge, through an exclusive, perpetual IP/technology license and operating agreement with our affiliate company, MainNerve, Inc, with offices in San Antonio, TX, Nashville, TN and Phoenix, AZ. We deliver value, innovation, efficiency and economy to our partners and clients by providing deeply experienced, security cleared talent, guaranteeing unparalleled excellence. We strive to perform meaningful, high value work -- helping to secure and protect our country from threats. Whenever possible, we employ returning combat veterans and wounded warriors reentering the workplace.

Current security technology focuses on protecting against ingress and intrusion threats and therefore fails to detect or intercept any outgoing traffic generated from insider threats and destined for external adversarial command and control centers, who by nature, are overt or potential threats to United States national security interests. This represents a major source of product differentiation for MainNerve Federal Services. There is little or no competition to our products, because the method of filtering outgoing communications to command and control centers on the Internet is the basis of a patent-pending innovation, giving MFSI a sustainable, long-term advantage. What sets MainNerve Federal Services apart from the major industry competitors is its combination of intelligence and product. At a more competitive price, our Security Services offer our clients real time global intelligence of multiple threats, as well as the product that stops the compromise of important, highly sensitive, critical data and information before it egresses the network, with no human intervention. MainNerve Federal Services Inc. deploys a world-class Managed Security Services platform, anchored by a patent-pending innovation, the Adaptive Darknet, capable of uniquely protecting the IT security needs/assets of the federal government, in addition to a large existing group of discriminating global, commercial clients of our MainNerve, Inc affiliate.

Adaptive DarkNet (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office SN 60/683,439)

The Adaptive DarkNet Security Service is a standalone product for enterprises who manage their own information security. The Adaptive DarkNet appliance and service is a real-time malware defense system that gathers global intelligence regarding adversarial cyber threats location, “identity” and the systems they are controlling. Using that intelligence, the Adaptive DarkNet disallows communications with those entities and the systems under their control. This is the world’s first information security tool that ignores firewall rules, anti-virus, anti-spyware signatures, and policy based decision making to allow the enterprise security team to cut off communications from cyber threats and disrupt/block their use of Trojans, worms, keystroke loggers, and viruses that can, together, be cobbled into devastating botnets. MainNerve Federal Services sells directly to government agencies or through its selected strategic distribution partners and is considering offering its services via GSA schedule 70. Key Benefits:

  • Global intelligence about the hacker is delivered to the enterprise in real-time with easy to understand reports and graphs
  • Financially, it compliments an enterprise’s existing security investments
  • Obsoletes the need for costly and cumbersome IDS/IPS systems
  • Does not sit in-line with vital network programs allowing for optimal enterprise network performance
  • Stops attackers before they are able to herd network assets and data
  • Rounds-out firewall strategy by automating the “egress” filtering
  • Almost no intervention required by enterprise staff allowing time and resource reallocation.
  • Gives enterprise Risk Management executives an opportunity to understand, mitigate, and report on asset and privacy breaches
Netforce Analyzer

Netforce Analyzer is a fully managed service provided monthly, quarterly or annually that provides detailed analysis and accounting of a clients network assets. Netforce Analyzer provides deep visibility into network traffic behavior and trends. Analyzing multiple classes of network flow data, using both advanced bandwidth accounting and built in security features, MainNerve Federal Services can identify which users, applications and protocols are consuming bandwidth within a client’s network. This gives MFSI the exclusive ability to perform vulnerability assessments of network segments and hosts, in addition to automated logging and storage of all IP messages and alerts. Determining whether hosts on the network are vulnerable to attack and provide clients with detailed 3rd party reports monthly, quarterly, or annually on the security of their network.

Netforce Defender

Netforce Defender™ gateway appliance defends against the most current attack vectors. Netforce Defender is a highly customizable network gateway Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution which includes built-in secure modules providing the most essential security functions for today’s enterprises and is continually being developed to keep up with the new innovations of cyber-criminals. Within the appliance interface each secure module offers advanced customization based on the specific needs of the client. Netforce Defender allows the client to tailor their network’s cyber defenses to meet their specific individualized needs through advanced yet simple configuration. Netforce Defender includes many advanced security functions such as Anti-virus, Spyware defense, Phishing protection, Spam blocking, Web filtering, Firewall, Secure Reporting, and Distributed Denial of service (DDoS) protection in one device providing both a simplified management and centralized control, giving MainNerve Federal Services clients one point of contact for service and support for multiple layers of the most up to date network security.

Cyber/Encryption Products at the Edge/Device level

MainNerve Federal Services has teamed with industry leader Mobile Armor as its Preferred SDVOSB channel partner for the federal government to further provide our customers with the most complete and cutting edge cyber defense available on the market today. Mobile Armor's turnkey security products for such mobile devices as laptops, PDAs, smart phones and USB flash drives, employ the latest advancements in encryption and authentication technology, all while being easy-to-use, manageable and flexible.

PolicyServerTM allows an organization to update their security policies at any time and determine compliance to data security policies and regulations for all mobile devices from a single, central point.

MobileSentinelTM allows an organization to implement compliance policies for all of its applications and mobile devices, and set remediation settings that will automatically bring an out-of-compliance device back into compliance without user intervention.

DataArmorTM provides transparent Full Disk Encryption (FDE) to prevent the theft of data and unauthorized access to company data.

KeyArmorTM USB flash drive provides unparalleled data security and virus protection in a tamper-resistant shell; its encryption and authentication technology on the inside makes its stored data virtually impenetrable to unwanted viewers.

FileArmorTM provides an added layer of security to prevent unauthorized viewing or theft of sensitive data for removable media devices and individual files and folders.

Remote NetworkTM allows pocket PC and Smartphone users remote access to their corporate networks without compromising an organization's security, regardless of the technology being used to access the internal network.

Mobile FirewallTM blocks suspicious inbound traffic to the mobile devices and prevents intruders from viewing or stealing their stored data, no matter where they may be used or connected to the Internet.

MainNerve Federal Services, Inc. attracts and hires exceptional people who take pride in designing and implementing processes into the client’s workplace. Our employees have a broad knowledge and expertise in many different areas of computer science, including operating systems, networks, data mining, information retrieval, security, performance optimization, and related areas. They are world-class programmers, security cleared, and with excellent communication and organizational skills.

MainNerve Federal Services provides dynamic IT and IA consulting services to its customers by implementing internet gateway network surveillance and defense products as well as information security consulting services, audits and assessments. In addition, certified professionals in multiple disciplines provide system design, integration, configuration, and compliance consulting services. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) services provide clients around the clock network event identification, threat mitigation, and system remediation. These services can be provided from the MainNerve SOC or on-site at client location(s).

MainNerve Federal Service’s consulting services will assist in the design, integration, testing and validation of disaster recovery readiness from a systems and security perspective, including virtual computing environments, telecommunications network design, acquisition, installation, and testing services for wide area networks including MPLS services. Through logical and physical security analysis, as well as social engineering assessments we improve facility protection and security compliance with an aim at defending against both external as well as internal threats. Our managed security gateway services include botnet detection, antivirus, intrusion detection and protection, attack blocking, web content filtering, ad blocking, remote access portal, VPN, routing, and firewalling services. Whatever the need, whatever the threat, MainNerve Federal Services’ certified professionals (CISSP and CISM, among others) stand ready to meet any challenge presented.

NAICS Capability Breakdown

541512 -- MFSI provides Internet gateway network surveillance and defense products and information security consulting services. In addition, system design, integration, configuration, and compliance consulting services are provided by certified professionals in multiple disciplines.

541513 -- MFSI provides Security Operations Center (SOC) services that provide around the clock network event identification, threat mitigation, and system remediation. These services can be provided from the MFSI SOC or can be provided on-site at client location(s).

541690 -- MFSI provides logical and physical security analysis, as well as social engineering assessments that further facility protection and security compliance with an aim at defending against outside and inside threats.

518210 -- MFSI hosts managed security gateway services from our Security Operations Center (SOC) that include botnet detection, antivirus, intrusion detection and protection, attack blocking, web content filtering, ad blocking, remote access portal, VPN, routing, and firewalling services.

541519 -- MFSI provides consulting services that design, integrate, test and validate disaster recovery readiness from a systems and security perspective, including virtual computing environments.

541618 -- MFSI provides telecommunications network design, acquisition, installation, and testing services for wide area networks including MPLS services.

541511 -- MFSI provides application code review and analysis with an emphasis on application security and performance testing.

541611 -- MFSI provides risk assessment and security compliance services on a strategic level to include datacenter location advisory services and design services.

MainNerve Federal Services, Inc GWOT Qualifications, Past Performance and Business Experience

Prior to starting MainNerve Federal Services, Inc in 2010, George Tronsrue served as Co-Manager for the Jericho Fund, LLC since 1999, a private investment and consulting company. During these years he served as an advisor, investor and member of the Board of Directors for Imagespan, Inc (Vice Chairman), Open Range Communications, Inc (Board of Directors) and SinglePipe Communications, Inc (Executive Chairman) and several other private companies. George has prior experience on the Board of Directors for Infospace (NASDAQ:INSP) from 2003-2009 and iPass (NASDAQ:IPAS) from 1998-2001; Chairman & CEO and President & COO for several private and public companies, including Monet Mobile Networks, Inc, XO Communications (NASDAQ:XOXO) and espire Communications, Inc (NASDAQ traded) during the period 1994 – 2004, all in the high tech and communications industry. While working at these companies, he was responsible for and oversaw fundraising activities raising an aggregate total of more than $1 billion, resulting in building more than $1 billion of wireless, fiber optic and voice/data switching infrastructure in major US markets and collectively growing revenues at various companies from zero to $300 million. Since 1999 George has also been actively involved in many private non-profit and charitable entities, several of which he and his wife Cindy founded, including The Jericho Alliance, which was formed in 2008 and provides humanitarian aid and relief to more than 1 million internally displaced ethnic Burmese people in the warzones of Burma. George received his Bachelor of Science from the USMA, West Point, NY in 1978 and served in various roles for more than 5 years as an airborne, ranger infantry officer in Europe and the US. He left the Army in 1983 and was placed on Temporary Disability Retired List, after sustaining injuries in a services related accident, which resulted in his permanent disability retirement from the Army in Feb, 1984.

Evan Bailey has extensive combat experience in both Iraq and Afghanistan, having led more than 40 combat missions. During 2008 and 2009, Mr. Bailey served as the Division Liaison Officer with the 3rd Brigade, 1st Infantry Division in Bagram, Afghanistan. Mr. Bailey leveraged unparalleled leadership expertise to define conflicting space and resources, and assess and maintain situational awareness of unit operations. He ensured the welfare of U.S. personnel and mission success during strategic interagency planning, including planned expansion of U.S. forces within a critical international combat environment on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mr. Bailey ensured accurate information flow between command centers while representing a Brigade of 5,000+ troops at the highest U.S. military command. Mr. Bailey also led tracking and compliance of Emergency Relief Projects funds of more than $200 million and reported directly to General and Brigade Commands. During 2005 and 2006, Mr. Bailey was a Battery Commander in the 2nd Battalion, 44th Air Defense Artillery Regiment and served in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and provided protection to third-party logistics convoys throughout the country. Due to the fast paced combat environment and operational needs the organization grew from 350 personnel to 831 in just weeks.

Mr. Millett served as the Officer in Charge/Detainee Operations Officer of the Target Development Cell at Combined Joint Task Force Troy, in Iraq during 2006 and 2007. During that time Mr. Millett supervised a biometric data response team of 12 U.S. and Allied servicemen that responded to all Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs). At Mr. Millett’s direction all pre and post blast evidence was processed at the Combined Explosive Exploitation Cell (CEXC) in Baghdad, Iraq or at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) laboratory in Fallujah, Iraq. All of the evidence Mr. Millett recovered and processed was ultimately used to identify enemy bomb makers for capture or neutralization. In addition to his service as a military officer, Mr. Millett served as a counter-terrorism agent with the U.S. Treasury Department from 2000 until 2010.

MFSI is currently a subcontractor on the USAMS II Prime Contract FA4600-08-D-9000 which has been issued by the United States Air Force's 55th Contracting Squadron.

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