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TeleSys simplifies the process of identifying, evaluating, selecting and managing Technology and IT infrastructure solutions

Management Consulting

At TeleSys we focus on the needs of small and medium business. The challenges, the opportunity and the myriad of options for securing a successful future for your business is our primary focus. Even with arduous scrutiny, analytical rigor, great fundamentals and blue ribbon management…business sometimes stumble and struggle. The reasons are many and variable. Keeping that business edge sometimes requires a fresh set of eyes and a new or different perspective.

TeleSys is a cadre of exceptional C-level operating executives capable of identifying critical issues hindering the success of a business and then applying skill and proven executional resources to remediate issues and restore vitality to the business. Our executives are available to quickly engage, strategize and deploy as needed into your organization to define and execute the necessary changes for revitalization. Maximizing competitive advantage as a small to medium business is the job and the challenge of the management team. We seek to augment the collective intelligence and experience base of the existing management team by allowing them to focus on the day to day while we dig into root cause problems or uncover new opportunities. Looking out across the operating landscape, executives see more data, more regulation, more competition, more complexity and more cost. TeleSys management consulting is a powerful combination of capabilities to help you focus on what matters and to cut through the complexity of the challenges faced.

Our hands-on insight helps you to quickly understand how to develop, measure and leverage capabilities across your entire organization to drive business value.

Here are some of the areas where we can help:

  • Bankruptcy Support Services
  • Business Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Design/Management
  • Business Valuation and Advisory services
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Finance/Restructuring
  • Funding/Investment strategy
  • Growth Enablement
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Interim Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Operating Effectiveness & Optimization
  • Organizational Design
  • Outsourcing/staffing
  • Performance Improvement
  • Restructuring/Turnaround Services
  • Technology Planning/Enablement
  • Transformation

We approach every situation and business as a unique set of issues. There is no “one size fits all” mentality at TeleSys. We simply offer our clients an impartial assessment, a range of viable, actionable solutions and the man power to execute at your direction.

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