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TeleSys simplifies the process of identifying, evaluating, selecting and managing Technology and IT infrastructure solutions

Company Opportunities

Direct Sales - TeleSys Communications is looking for experienced sales professionals in telecom, particularly individuals who have expertise in telecommunications products. We are actively looking for people who understand enterprise level IP telephony, Cloud Services and VoIP. This will require a working knowledge of how companies migrate from PBX centric systems to hosted VoIP. Can you do the return on investment for customers? Can you explain the advantages and flexibility of VoIP versus older switched telephony models? Or are you accomplished with the more traditional products such as private line, PRI, DSS, ATM and frame relay? If you have telecom, data, IT, or similar experience but aren't sure where you can fit in, call us. We'd like to speak with you and discuss how your skills can add to our organization. We try to build jobs around your skills and the value that you bring to our clients. (602) 788-6500 ext. 223.

Agent / Partners - do you have a business that is complementary to ours? Do you often run across opportunities where you need deep expertise? We have established relationships with many such businesses. Our program will pay you for sales you make. We will help you by providing assistance in pricing and contract submission. The program is customized for you so you get as much or as little involvement from us as you want. We pay you within days of confirmation from our partner/carriers not months later.

Entrepreneurial - the company has an expansion plan that calls for new offices, both in region and out of region. If you prefer the independence of running the business with direct P&L responsibility, we'd like to speak with you. Company officers will drive new sales and adhere to our high ethical standards. We are exclusive to CenturyLink and Splice but are open to finding value-added services that can benefit our customers. We are seeking IP telephony, VOIP and managed services backgrounds. If you have other ideas on how to build the business, we'd like to talk. (602) 788-6500 ext. 223

Acquisitions - have you already built a base of customers with one or more carriers? If you are interested in a discussion about selling your business, we are actively seeking to grow through acquisition. We are particularly interested in companies with unique products and solutions although we will discuss any opportunity. Our prior experience in acquisitions and divestitures allows us to act quickly

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