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TeleSys simplifies the process of identifying, evaluating, selecting and managing Technology and IT infrastructure solutions


TeleSys Communications serves hundreds of clients including government agencies and businesses operating in virtually every sector of the economy. All of our customers rely on TeleSys for superior management of their IT infrastructure requirements. We take great pride in providing top-tier service to every client, regardless of size. Our client list includes small-to-medium sized businesses, as well as Fortune 100 corporations.

TeleSys was selected to manage the tactical communication needs of several local branches of the federal government, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Veterans Administration, and the Bureau of Land Management. Our ability to serve complex, large-scale end users has evolved since embarking on these projects, bringing benefits to all of our customers.

Benefiting Our Clients' Clients

TeleSys customers often give us feedback that working with us has benefited their clients.

One example is the way that we help customers analyze their options to improve overall corporate communications. We have recommended solutions that best align with the customer’s needs and business problems—with little or no capital investment.

Do security or communication limitations hinder your staff’s ability to access internal databases when they are out of the office? We solve that problem by reducing access to one click on a laptop with virtually any type of communication, from Wi-Fi to cable modem to anywhere dial tone is available.

Overall we bring a deep familiarity with the industry best of breed products and the environment(s) in which they work best. The big winner, we believe, will be your client.


Customer expect intergrity from us. We demand it from each other.

How We Work With You

Our relationship with you begins by assessing your needs and examining your current service. We learn what you spend today and then analyze where you can increase efficiency and save money. When we place an order for you, we keep you informed at every stage of installation, liaising with our designated customer support contacts. Our after-sales support extends through the life of your service contract.

You know exactly how vital a reliable and secure telecommunications system is to your business. Our clients understand that high quality, competitively priced service offers better value than a second or third-tier network trying to provide economy services at the absolute lowest price.

At TeleSys, we seek long-term relationships with all customers. With a contract renewal rate of over 95%, we think we must be doing something right.

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