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TeleSys simplifies the process of identifying, evaluating, selecting and managing Technology and IT infrastructure solutions


Why engage TeleSys Communications? Why not contact the carriers directly? There are several answers to this question.

When you work with TeleSys, you will experience a personal relationship with one of our staff — someone who knows your name and situation. We care about your order, and we get answers for you quickly by going through our dedicated support team inside your underlying carrier or service provider. You should expect consistency, integrity, and professionalism every time you contact us.

We are extremely responsive. We deliver documents — order information, quotes, or contracts — in electronic format often the very day we speak. We can do this because our structure stresses the one-on-one relationship; we are not scaled for thousands of incoming phone calls.


Responsive and realistic about what can be achieved.

By working with TeleSys, you will never incur a higher cost than if you engage a carrier directly. We’re always in the loop for any eligible discounts and price advantages. Our service costs you nothing because we are compensated by the carrier, who pays us directly as a result of the services we represent, sell and support. The quotes we prepare for you come directly from the carrier and will always be competitive. There are simply no additional fees for TeleSys service.

TeleSys client support continues for the length of your commitment, from the point of sale and installation, through to billing. If at any time your services are not performing and require service, call us. We alert our dedicated support team inside the carrier to prioritize the problem and keep you apprised of all steps taken to restore or repair services quickly and efficiently.

Our customized software tracks your orders, monitoring expiration dates and alerting us to contact you four to six months in advance of the end of a commitment term. This gives you service continuity without interruption to your business. If your business needs change or your bandwidth requirements increase, we will find the most efficient way to upgrade your service and minimize or avoid costly termination fees.

How to Start our Relationship
The process for working together is simple. Call us for a letter of authorization. This simple one-page form is recognized by the carrier and allows us to work with your billing records and prepare account information.

That’s it. We take it from there, listen to you, and begin to research your best options. Call us at 602-788-6500 to get started. We look forward to doing business with you.

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