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TeleSys simplifies the process of identifying, evaluating, selecting and managing Technology and IT infrastructure solutions

Technology Planning

Technology planning is a specific type of activity that helps an organization understand their current state and where they want to be some time in the future with regard to the technology and infrastructure in their organization. It often consists of the following sections:

  • A clear mission and vision statement
  • A thorough needs assessment and capabilities assessment
  • Technology initiative descriptions, goal statement and rationale
  • Measurable, compelling and observable objectives
  • Hardware, software, and facility resource requirement
  • Instructional resource requirement and staff development plan
  • Itemized budget and rational, evaluation method, and funding options

Consulting Focused on You

Our technology planning consultants are focused on achieving the desired outcome for our clients whether through effective new technology adoption, optimizing costs, meeting bandwidth demands or improving the quality of service and support you receive from various service providers. Our consultants are industry veterans, experienced in broadband networks and telecom services This includes everything from colocation, cloud, security, MPLS networks, VOIP services, SIP trunking, Unified communications, Ethernet services as well as a wide ranges of typical legacy services such as ATM, DSL and TDM network services. An understanding of past, current and future technology services is key to mapping out an effective technology migration plan.

Independent and Unbiased Advice

Look at us as your outsourced Telecom, IT and Technology management team. We focus on your needs and then recommend and apply the appropriate solutions to achieve the stated mission. We take the guess work out of selecting the right provider. Our consultants will match your technology requirements to the appropriate providers and then generate proposals, assist with the selection process, project management and install. The TeleSys team will stay with you following the implementation of your well planned and considered technology plan. Our consultants are not sales people. Each consultant has a minimum of 15 years’ experience in technology management, engineering and operations

Technology planning pricing

The basic needs assessments are free to qualified customers. Going beyond the basic needs assessments requires a joint planning session, a detailed scope of work and an agreed upon budget and schedule. Each plan is customized to suit our customers’ exact need and priced accordingly on an individual case basis.

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